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24 February 2017

Rs. 6 Laṭcattil For Double Storey Terrace House....

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Rs. 6 Laṭcattil two apartments at the house. Something Real Estate Ad don't think. Spend less at the equator, the earth will be half a asynchronously piḷāṭṭai new technology that created with the help of God, Chennai IIT., Engineering Department.
So what this building is special and the difference? This is the ingredient. Completely different this raw material... Let's see about
Ji'ep r g means what?
Urad Factory of waste products, glass fiber and gypsum joint of the heaven and the salt add hand made (glass fiber re in war stu gypsum) ji'ep r ji many hands, with low levels of cement and very low size steel wires It is with these iit., Civil Engineering Department are in the house like this.
Chennai IIT., campus of has been formed in 1981 sq. FT. Two layers of this kind of house in need of the time period: just a month. Own house is kaṉavākavē gone ma the ek in middle class family for this new technology sure has changed my. Engineers.
In-IIT campus is built in the model home, Prime Minister's advisor de. K. A. Nair recently opened.
IIT, director of bhaskar ramamurthy attack show the way of this current operation for iit chennai with., Prof. Dr. Dev Das Menon and Dr. Mehar Prasad, nēyar may gain and readers on behalf of some questions we sent before.
Question: the normal will be the home of this house, the how to save?
Answer: the current situation will be built celavaik of home than with this gypsum board if house building up to 20 percent can be saved, but this is the kind of the need for ṭaṅkaḷu piḷāsṭariṅ ṭuvatillai male. Low days, low level staff this with the devils can the building. 8 Apartments in the traditional image of the sir than 50 percent weight can set vāṉatākavē. This week is unauthorized foundations celavaik less more can save money.
Question: Glass Fiber re in war stu gypsum, where these are available?
Answer: kocciyilum kerala state in India, reliance glass fiber re in war stu gypsum board are produced. General Department Urad Factory of f. R. B. El., Cochin, r. C. F., Mumbai see tayārikkiṉṟaṉa.
In the future, private factory and glass fiber re in war stu gypsum board are in the works to be expected. This pēṉalkaḷiṉ cutura meter a price of Rs. 750 to rs. Till 900, sold.
G. F. R. B., (Gfrg) and will be constructed houses earthquake one half of the earth will be in the type of the earth, īrppāṟṟalai can type in. G. F. R. G Boards 12 meter length, 3 Meters Height 124 mm khanam have produced.
Question: in iit in the world is for the first time using this technology built buildings are been set?
Answer: Australia, China, countries like oman, glass fiber re in war stu gypsum board using lots of buildings are built.
Question: 6 lakh rs for flat available is gorgeous! But still, this is how stability.
Answer: this type is stability, the traditional sir to be nikarāṉatāka ṭaṅkaḷu. When comparing when I see care kaṉicamāka low cost.
Underway to a load of this type of buildings in the sand, cement, water, iron all need less deaths. The type of concrete is the weather direct attack āḷāvatillai. So conventional buildings than the, their stability manyyyy more.
Question: ji. F. R. B., (Gfrg) using an average of how many floor mailto are?
Answer: building will be set up part, earthquake danger in bend (SEISMIC ZONE) which is located in the list. is important. Moderate earthquake also John 3 (moderate seismic risk) 10 floor area with the apartments can set. G. F. R. B., (Gfrg) bass traps r. C., Shear Wall s' (RC Shear walls) a another technology to more than 10 floor building, and the roof fell can swear.
Question: the home like housing board a young to motivate your team?
Answer: Cheap low cost will be built in this kind of houses all the state on housing board to follow and this is worth. Condominium command ji. F. R. B., (the gfrg ̔uṭaiyatu) so much. Even though the quality of setting these full must be followed with NCAA Football.
Exclusive for the staff and in a good way to apply to project... So housing board of this type in the home. Means construction work in the good payaṟci companies need to provide for.
Sand should stop delay for the underground water, need to save the ̔āyattil many like this moment be the minimum size cement, low levels of iron, the small amount of water, very low level with sand for a long time to long to build buildings if it's really want to Varappiracātamākat is gonna be... Let's see!
- Bharathi Anand
Thank you: new generation